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Wayne Dunn

Wayne Dunn has over 25 years of senior-level global experience with Corporate Social Responsibility projects, including both strategic consulting and direct on-the-ground implementation, with industry experience in a diverse range of sectors.

His projects have won major international awards, been made into a Stanford Business School Case Study and used as a consultation best practice by Northern Ireland Ministerial Advisory Group. He is a frequent keynote speaker and lecturer at major events worldwide, (see examples) and publishes on CSR and strategy topics. As well, he is an acclaimed educator with extensive experience delivering CSR lectures and programs throughout Africa and globally.

Dunn is President and Founder of the CSR Training Institute and Professor of Practice in CSR at McGill. He’s a Stanford University Sloan Fellow with a M.Sc. in Management from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Wayne is recognized globally as a CSR pioneer and a veteran of 25+ years and 70+ projects in the space where business meets society. His experience includes social and environmental sustainability work with industry, governments, NGOs, IFIs and multi-laterals, and directly with communities. His work encompasses the design, development, implementation, monitoring and management of CSR projects, CSR strategy and policy, as well as training and support for Executives, Boards and workers from all types of organizations, including governments. He has worked in over 35 countries and on every continent with extensive experience in Africa, North and South America.

Current and Recent Past Positions Include:

  • President & Founder, CSR Training Institute
  • Founding Member of the Advisory Board of the EU Africa Chamber of Commerce,
  • Professor of Practice in CSR, McGill University
  • Chaired the 2014 EU Africa CSR Awards Gala
  • Leading the 2015 EU Africa CSR Dialogues
  • Jury Chair for the 2015 EU Africa CSR Awards Gala
  • Aboriginal Experts Group for implementation of Canada’s Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act
  • 4 years as Vice-Chairman of the Canadian Council on / on Board of Directors since 2004
  • Founded and operates an African/Canadian social purpose venture, Baraka Supplies, importing Ghanaian products and marketing them throughout North America

Wayne – a Canadian citizen – has worked around the world in many industries and sectors including extensive experience with Indigenous Peoples both in Canada and globally. His work has won major international awards and has been used extensively as ‘best-practice’ by industry and academia, including as a case study by Stanford Business School and has been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

His acclaimed Certified Training Conferences© have trained hundreds of executives and leaders from industry, NGOs, government and international organizations around the world, including over 200 trained in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Wayne is a globally recognized CSR thought-leader and a highly acclaimed, frequent lecturer and speaker on CSR, economics, development and strategy at events worldwide. His writings on CSR are followed globally and he is currently in discussions with a U.K. publisher interested in developing them into a book.

Wayne has also worked oil rigs, prospecting, diamond drilling, logging, commercial fishing, heavy equipment operator, farming, truck driver, trapper and underwater logging, and founded two start-ups among many other wide-ranging life experiences.

Wayne’s career includes big successes, and spectacular failures. He has learned from both. As comfortable at a minesite as working in the C-suite or addressing major international events, he is effective in both the jungle and the boardroom.

Project Experience

Wayne’s initial work on what came to be known as CSR began in northern Saskatchewan in the late 1980s, working with indigenous peoples and the mining industry. Early notable accomplishments include facilitating the first ever agreement between a mining company and an Indigenous organization (Corona Gold / Reindeer Region Economic Development Corporation), facilitating collaboration between the outfitting industry and indigenous fishing communities and assisting the Uranium mining industry (including Cameco) to develop and implement a highly successful CSR and social license strategy (see report here and case study here). His pioneering work in Indigenous development is outlined here

Over the past two decades he has organized numerous international events, round tables and development sessions including at the United Nations, World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank. He has worked on and led over 70 CSR projects spanning the globe a few of which are cited below.

Note that most of the projects share common themes including extractive sector CSR, multi-sector CSR partnerships, next generation CSR, creating and transferring global best practices, etc..

Placer Dome Care Project (South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho & Botswana). Wayne was a key part of the leadership team to design and implement this ground-breaking partnership between CIDA Inc. and Placer Dome. The project was credited with ‘changing the social face of the mining industry’ and won the World Bank’s Development Innovation Award the Nexen award as the top Canadian CSR project (2004) and was made into a Stanford case study.

EU Africa CSR Awards Gala (All of African countries). Assisted the EU Africa Chamber of Commerce with the planning and execution of this event and served as Chairman of the Jury for the November 2014 Gala and holds the same role for the 2015 event.

Strategic CSR Review/Plan (Tanzania) – completed a detailed strategic review of CSR issues, opportunities and challenges for Placer Dome’s North Mara mine (Tanzania) just prior to Barrick’s acquisition of Placer Dome.

AngloGold Ashanti, Community/CSR Awards. Jury member for South African based AngloGold Ashanti’s global Community/CSR Awards competition

EU Africa CSR Dialogues – assisting the EU Africa Chamber of Commerce to develop and implement the EU Africa CSR Dialogues.

National CSR Policy (Ghana) Advised Government of Ghana on the development and implementation of a national CSR Policy

Strategic CSR Review/Plan (Mali) – completed a detailed strategic review of CSR issues, opportunities and challenges for Nevsun Resources’ operations in Mali.

CSR Strategy and Support to Ghana National Petroleum Corporation including with industry wide issues and opportunities as well as project and partnership specific strategies and approaches.

HIV/AIDS programming in Southern Africa mining industry (South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho & Botswana). Worked with Placer Dome and other industry leaders and stakeholders to facilitate the mining industry’s engagement in HIV/AIDS programming

Executive Program in CSR Strategy & Management (South Africa & Ghana, with participants from Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and 7 other African countries). Designed and led an acclaimed executive program that trained over 200 executives and leaders in Africa.

CSR Partnerships(Extractives) provided strategic advice and support on NGO partnership selection and development to mining and petroleum firms operating in Africa and Asia.

Care+ (South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho & Botswana). Worked with Placer Dome and other industry leaders and stakeholders to develop an outreach program to help mitigate the socio-economic impact of HIV/AIDS at the community and family level in labour sending communities.

CSR Strategy & Partnerships (Golden Star Resources, Ghana). Developed and assisted with implementing a CSR Partnership strategy to engage more effective with NGOs, governments, international partners and local communities

Social Purpose Ventures – conceived, launched and run two Social Purpose Ventures focused on commercially connecting Ghana and North America (see SBM & Baraka Supplies)

CSR Workshop (Ghana) in 2004 worked with the Minerals Commission and the Ghana Chamber of Mines to organize the first ever CSR event in Ghana, bringing together national stakeholders and key initiatives and stakeholders from elsewhere on the continent, including Southern and Eastern Africa.

Mining and CSR Policy – ad-hoc advice and support to Ghana Minerals Commission and Ghana’s Minister of Lands and Natural Resources on CSR, social license and associated issues and strategies

CSR Partnerships – advised and supported 4 international NGOs on CSR partnership development, strategy and networking

CSR Strategy & Advice – (mining), provide ad-hoc strategic advice and capacity development related to CSR and associated strategy support to 14 mining companies operating in 18 different countries.

Education & CSR – provided strategic advice and support to various universities and technical training institutes in Ghana on private sector collaboration and CSR

Aboriginal Expert Group (Member) to advise the Government of Canada on the implementation of the Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act (ESTMA)

Africa Mining Vision / African Mineral Development Centre. Assisted the Government of Ghana and the UNECA’s African Mineral Development Centre with planning and negotiations leading to Ghana’s engagement in the development of a Country Mining Vision.

CSR Strategy & Advice (Petroleum) –, provide ad-hoc strategic advice and capacity development related to CSR and associated strategy to several major international petroleum companies.

Impact Benefits Agreement – amongst others, provided strategic support and assistance to Kitikmeot Inuit Association in the first ever Impact Benefits Agreement negotiations to take place in Nunavut.

South-South HIV/AIDS programming technology transfer (South Africa, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea). Working with Placer Dome, World Bank, CIDA Inc and key stakeholders in Mozambique, Papua New Guinea and South Africa used African HIV/AIDS programming experience to assist Papua New Guinea to develop a strategic public private partnership approach to HIV/AIDS programming

CSR Value Continuum – designed and developed a number of next generation CSR tools and frameworks that facilitate pragmatic application of practical shared value concepts (see article)

CSR Metrics & Reporting – assisted numerous clients with a range of CSR Metrics and Reporting strategies, solutions and implementation plans

CSR Knowledge Centre – created the CSR Knowledge Centre and authored numerous strategic application and learning guides on CSR.

In addition to the above there are many more projects in Africa, throughout Canada and globally, including many with Indigenous Peoples in Canada and throughout the Americas.

Select recent lectures & keynote presentations

Professor Dunn’s lectures and keynotes on CSR are widely praised for being informative, educational and thought provoking. Drawing on his extensive project, policy and strategy experience and building from his writings and teachings on the subject and his own hands-on industry experience he is able to engage and entertain audiences of all types.

Societal Expectations | Shareholder Value: pragmatic innovation to drive alignment (and value), Enhancing the New Science of CSR Conference | Toronto, Canada | June 2015 [click for slides]

Discovering Alignment between Business and Society, Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders (YALI) Regional Conference | Accra, Ghana | April 2015

Four Strategies for Local Content Success, , Ghana Oil and Gas Summit | Accra, Ghana | April 2015 [click for slides]

Global CSR Strategies and Practices, British Columbia Mining and Investment Forum | Vancouver, Canada | Mar 2015 [click for slides]

World Bank Mining Forum:Dealing with growing social demands in mining, Prospectors & Developers Conference (PDAC) | Toronto, Canada | Mar 2015 [click for slides]

CSR Partnerships: Natural Partnerships | Unnatural Partners, Seminar on CSR Partnerships in the Extractive Sector | Nairobi, Kenya | Feb 2015 [click for slides]

Industry, Communities & Engagement: Who is responsible Forum on Enhancing Community Engagement in Kenya’s Extractive Sector | Nairobi, Kenya | Feb 2015 [click for slides]

Aligning Interests: CSR, Social Enterprise and beyond. Soul of the Next Economy Forum Calgary, Canada | Oct 2014 [click for slides]

Community Relations/CSR: Creating value for industry and community
International Congress on Community Relations | Lima, Peru | August 2014 [click for slides]

Aligning Interests: Stakeholder engagement tools & strategies Effective Stakeholder Engagement program | London, England | October 2014 [click for slides]

CSR in Africa: EU Africa CSR Awards | Gala, Brussels, Belgium, Nov 2014 (click for event video)

CSR Value Continuum: Another Way to Think About Shared Value Canada Indonesia Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Briefing | Jakarta, Indonesia | May 2014 [click for slides]

Systematic Approaches to CSR: Tools, Techniques & Frameworks McGill University, Executive Program on CSR Strategy and Management | Accra, Ghana | April 2014 [click for slides]

Relationships Matter! Acquiring, maintaining and losing social license. PDAC CSR Seminar Series | Toronto, Canada | March 2014

CSR: IT IS ALL ABOUT VALUE Mining Industry Event, SPAN OMS | Vancouver, Canada | Feb 2014 [click for slides]

Thinking about CSR in Practice: learnings from decades in the trenches McGill University, Executive Program on CSR Strategy and Management | Accra, Ghana | Nov 2013 [click for slides]

CSR, Value & Responsibility: Shareholders, Communities and GovernmentsCanada-East Africa CSR Forum on Developing CSR Policies and Guidelines | Dar es Salaam, Tanzania | Sept 2013 [click for slides]

CSR & Value Creation: shareholders, communities and governments Keynote Address to UN Global Compact Annual Awards Banquet / Inaugural National Public Lecture on CSR | Accra, Ghana | Sept 2013 [click for slides]

Thinking about CSR in Practice: thoughts, tools & examples McGill University, Executive Program on CSR Strategy and Management | Cape Town, South Africa | May 2013 [click for slides]

Role of Private Sector in International Development McGill University, ISID Executive Education Program on International Development | Vancouver, Canada | June 2012 [click for slides]

Mining and Corporate Social Responsibility University for Development Studies | Wa, Ghana | Oct 2011 [click for slides]

Getting Here from There-Autobiographical keynote to the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Sloan Fellowship program at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business | Stanford, CA | September 2007 [link to video]

CSR: Integrating financial, social and environmental value creation Canada/Ghana Inaugural Seminar on Corporate Social Responsibility | Accra, Ghana | February 2006 [link for slides]

Beyond the Paycheck: Placer Dome’s CSR Program in Southern Africa Leading Social Innovation Across Sectors: Net Impact Conference Stanford University Graduate School of Business | Stanford, CA, | November 2005 [link for slides]

CSR and Corporate Strategy in South Africa CSR in Africa Canadian Council on Africa | Calgary, Canada | June 2003 [link for slides]