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CSR Economics

Value, Impact and Results

CSR Economics

Program objectives

The primary objective is to help individuals and organizations become more efficient at creating and aligning social, environmental and business value.

Customized integration of theory and practice will allow participants to comprehend critical issues and trends, and have the practical tools and understanding that allows them to apply the knowledge to their work.

The entire program is designed so participants can hit the ground with impact, making a difference from day one.

Topics covered

The program will cover the full range of key CSR Topics from an efficiency, impact and results perspective.

Learn how to create impact and results through

  • Strategy
  • Communications
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Emerging standards and norms
  • Impact measurement
  • Social license management
  • Reputational capital
  • Partnerships& collaboration
  • Environmental economics

The topics will be covered through lectures and videos followed by case studies, group work and other exercises designed to enable practical application of the learnings from the lectures.

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