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Engaging business with SDG

Time to Up the Game with SDG Communications

While the SDGs were developed with active input from business leaders and industry groups, the language and framing of them has largely defaulted to language and perspectives more common to governments, development organizations and international agencies such as the U.N.

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CSR skills

Nine CSR Skills- What you need and why

Beyond the basic skills you’ll need to succeed in just about any field these days, these are specific skills that I’ve found to be the most important to those who want to really be effective and make a difference.

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CSR budgets shouldn’t get a free ride

CSR budgets shouldn’t get a free ride

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of companies to develop Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies that focus on creating value; value for the companies AND value for communities and society.

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CSR beyond charity

CSR is About More Than Donating to Charity

CSR is about strategy.  It is about creating value and impact.  And doing it efficiently.  Whether you are creating social value or business value, you want the most value and impact possible for any set of inputs – efficiency is important.

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CSR Authenticity

Being Authentic with Corporate Social Responsibility

When a business makes the­­ decision to integrate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into its strategy, the most important thing it can do is to be authentic, open — and completely transparent — with its approach.

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Keep in touch with leading edge thinking on CSR

Smart CSR helps you to hire and keep great people

CSR: Another Way to Attract — and Retain — Great Employees

Leaders who understand the importance of bringing social responsibility into their business strategy know it can create direct benefits such as increased profits, customer loyalty, better brand reputation and new opportunities.

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Opportunity SDGs

Integrate Sustainable Development Goals into Your Business Strategy

Business continues to move in a direction where it is increasingly important to not only think about economic growth and shareholders, but also the impact your organization makes on society.

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$6 Trillion CSR Statement

Organizations Risk Losing Financing by Ignoring Corporate Social Responsibility

The push for companies to include corporate social responsibility in their business strategy does not come only from consumers - it comes from investors as well.

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Sustainable value creation

Sustainable value creation must include business, society and the environment

The intersection between business, society and environment is where smart CSR works to create value for all stakeholders.

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Manage CSR for #ValueCreation

Know your Why: Five Steps to Managing CSR for Value

If your business is going to spend money on CSR and Social Value it must understand why it is doing it, and how that supports business value.

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CSR Economics - Connect your path budget to value

Five steps to managing CSR for #ValueCreation

The road that connects CSR and Sustainability budgets to social, business and environmental value is not an automatic, self-driving road where you simply add budget and value follows. Yet, many businesses treat it as if it was just that.

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Crowd of people

Where does the CSR Function belong in a business?

I am often asked this question. Today, while hunting for something I came across this response I gave last May when someone asked. I thought it might be interesting for others

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