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CSR fuels 360º value creation

A secret door to sustainable competitive advantage

Society is demanding more of business.  So are shareholders.  And often governments too. These expectations will keep growing and businesses and organizations that don’t adapt will struggle to survive.  Those that figure it out can create a sustainable competitive advantage that can help drive profits and success.

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CSR in the Middle East & North Africa

I was recently interviewed on CSR in the Middle East and North Africa and thought my responses might be interesting for some. This is the transcribed interview.

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Athabasca oil sands

Canadian Oil Sands Energy: Time for Bold Action

It is time to stop tinkering at the margins and let's set bold goals to get Canadian Oil Sands energy to market AND make it palatable in our increasingly carbon and climate focused world.

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Applying Six Best Practices in Stakeholder Engagement

From Pariah to Exemplar: Applying the six best practices in stakeholder engagement

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Social Value Brand

Businesses today are increasingly expected to deliver some sort of social value in addition to shareholder value, or, at the very least, to not create harm to society.

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Chokwe rice paddies

CSR Skills: What you need and why

What skills and attributes are most helpful for someone working in (or wanting to work in) the growing field of corporate social responsibility?

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CSR fuels 360 degree value creation

What makes a CSR Strategy Strong?

I recently did a short interview on What makes a CSR Strategy strong and thought the transcript below might be interesting. It has a few thoughts and comments along with links to other articles and posts that I have authored.

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CSR Training: Seven strategies to make it work for participants

Executive training programs can be boring, dull and virtually useless. Or they can be dynamic, career altering, fun and productive.

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August sunrise

This time it IS in my Backyard! I'm a Stakeholder, not an International Expert

Last week a major LNG project was announced for my backyard, 2.5 miles from my home on Vancouver Island in Canada and right beside where I love to catch prawns and crabs with my little boat.

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Lessons and case studies in engaging stakeholders successfully

Interview of Wayne Dunn by Toby Webb, founding director of Innovation Forum

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