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Middle East CSR

Middle East CSR: Zakat, Sadaqah and Ownership Structure

Many traditional, family owned businesses in the Middle East are taking on external investors and partners and many are experiencing tension and conflict around Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and implementation.

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CSR in the Middle East & North Africa

I was recently interviewed on CSR in the Middle East and North Africa and thought my responses might be interesting for some. This is the transcribed interview.

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Chokwe rice paddies

CSR Skills: What you need and why

What skills and attributes are most helpful for someone working in (or wanting to work in) the growing field of corporate social responsibility?

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CSR Training Institute

How to find a CSR Job/Project (some thoughts)

I regularly get queries from individuals wanting to begin a career in Corporate Social Responsibility or a related field.

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Who? Me? Responsible for CSR?

Shared Value requires Shared Responsibility:  Whose Responsibility is Corporate Social Responsibility?

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Miners giving CSR class to tech companies (cartoon)

Dirty, ugly mining has lessons for Hi Tech!

And Hi Tech should pay attention or it could feel the pain that mining felt when it started getting slammed by a rising tidal wave of social performance expectations.

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Internal communications

Internal CSR Communications Suck

CSR Mumbley Gook communications need to stop. Until us CSR Professionals get better at internal communications and engagement we will stay in an irrelevant sandbox away from core business activities and decisions.

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CSR Training Institute

Some of my recent tweets on CSR and Sustainability

A few people have asked me to put my recent tweets into a document so here they are. Follow me here if you want to get future tweets in real time.

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