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Middle East CSR

Middle East CSR: Zakat, Sadaqah and Ownership Structure

Many traditional, family owned businesses in the Middle East are taking on external investors and partners and many are experiencing tension and conflict around Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and implementation.

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CSR fuels 360 degree value creation

What makes a CSR Strategy Strong?

I recently did a short interview on What makes a CSR Strategy strong and thought the transcript below might be interesting. It has a few thoughts and comments along with links to other articles and posts that I have authored.

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Thoughts on CSR and Value – a curious perspective

We need more strategic, value-creating focus and less focus on defensive, risk-mitigating compliance

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Keep in touch with leading edge thinking on CSR

Cartoon of people bailing out a boat, watched by others

Who? Me? Responsible for CSR?

Shared Value requires Shared Responsibility:  Whose Responsibility is Corporate Social Responsibility?

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