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Smart CSR helps you to hire and keep great people

CSR: Another Way to Attract — and Retain — Great Employees

Leaders who understand the importance of bringing social responsibility into their business strategy know it can create direct benefits such as increased profits, customer loyalty, better brand reputation and new opportunities.

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Applying Six Best Practices in Stakeholder Engagement

From Pariah to Exemplar: Applying the six best practices in stakeholder engagement

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August sunrise

This time it IS in my Backyard! I'm a Stakeholder, not an International Expert

Last week a major LNG project was announced for my backyard, 2.5 miles from my home on Vancouver Island in Canada and right beside where I love to catch prawns and crabs with my little boat.

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Lessons and case studies in engaging stakeholders successfully

Interview of Wayne Dunn by Toby Webb, founding director of Innovation Forum

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Internal communications

Internal CSR Communications Suck

CSR Mumbley Gook communications need to stop. Until us CSR Professionals get better at internal communications and engagement we will stay in an irrelevant sandbox away from core business activities and decisions.

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People separated by a gulf

13 mistakes that prevent and destroy multi-sector partnerships

The private sector is playing an increasingly important role in development.  Companies from all sectors, including especially the extractive and fast moving consumer goods sectors, are investing in development initiatives in areas such as education, health, poverty alleviation and livelihoods, environment and gender equality.

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Two people separated by chasm

Natural CSR Partnerships - Unnatural Partners

Multi-sector CSR partnerships can drive organizational successes and value creation. Yet why do so many fail to start or start and fail?

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