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CSR strategy diagram

Seven Snippets on CSR and Shared Value Management

Seven snippets on CSR and shared value management and governance inside organizations.

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CSR Training Institute

CSR and Business Innovation Strategy and Training

Society is demanding more of business.  So are shareholders.  And often governments too. These expectations will keep growing and businesses and organizations that don’t adapt will struggle to survive.

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Chokwe rice paddies

CSR Skills: What you need and why

What skills and attributes are most helpful for someone working in (or wanting to work in) the growing field of corporate social responsibility?

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Keep in touch with leading edge thinking on CSR

CSR Training: Seven strategies to make it work for participants

Executive training programs can be boring, dull and virtually useless. Or they can be dynamic, career altering, fun and productive.

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CSR Training Institute

How to find a CSR Job/Project (some thoughts)

I regularly get queries from individuals wanting to begin a career in Corporate Social Responsibility or a related field.

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Vancouver seminar

EXECUTIVE BRIEFING SEMINAR ON CSR - Program Outline - June 24, Vancouver Canada

Executive Briefing seminar on CSR. See more information here or register here.  There are 30 participants and five spots left.

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Opex / Capex

Four Strategies for Local Content Success

Local content has emerged as one of the most pressing issues facing business in emerging markets. 

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